How to Make Overnight Oatmeal With Milk

If you think that nuking those envelopes of processed oatmeal in the microwave is the only way you can enjoy nutritious cereal quickly, you obviously haven’t heard of overnight oats. Once you learn more, you will wonder why you didn’t think of making them years ago.

The concept is simple: Combine old-fashioned rolled oats with a liquid such as cow’s milk, almond milk or yogurt and a sweetener if desired. Feel free to also top your creation with fruit such as berries or apples. Place the mixture in your refrigerator, and let it soak overnight or for at least four hours. Then just remove, and enjoy your delicious preparation.

The nutritional benefits of oats are well-known. They contain beta-glucan, a soluble fiber that’s great for your heart. Because of their fiber content, regular consumption of oats can aid in digestion and keep you full for longer, assisting you in losing weight as well.

There is only one problem with the best overnight oats: They are high in carbohydrates. Making them the main component of your breakfast can raise your blood sugar levels and ultimately cause you to experience the notorious mid-morning crash that can deal a death blow to your productivity. The good news is that you don’t need to sacrifice eating this comforting and nutritious preparation.

The solution is quite simple: Feel free to make your oats overnight, but wait to eat them until later in the day. Start your morning with a healthy breakfast of proteins such as eggs, high-nutrition and high-fiber carbs like vegetables and healthy fats including avocado. Then enjoy your overnight oats for a late-afternoon snack or even for dinner. Many healthy recipes can even allow you to savor them as a delicious dessert. No matter how you serve them, one thing is clear: These oats aren’t just for breakfast.