Month: October 2019

Back Pain Management

25th October 2019

At, patients will learn the many ways in which they can manage their back pain. For some, a bulging disc or old sports injury, might have caused severe restrictions and limitations in their range of motion. Others, who are aging, and simply can’t move as well as they used to, will learn about the ways in which pain management can help them ensure optimal range of motion, no matter how old they get. And, those who are interested in learning about surgical solutions, will learn about the different options which Dr. Lanman, a spinal neurosurgeon, and his team, can help repair and undo years of damage to the back and spinal cord.

Types of treatment –

For those who are getting older, and can’t move as easily as they used to, age treatment therapies can help. From medication to help, to learning how to minimize muscle loss over time, there are several ways in which patients can remain active, regardless of how old they get. Pain management, different exercises, and different behavioral-based treatments, are available to help individuals who are getting older, remain active, by making smart changes in their lifestyle.

Surgical solutions can often help patients who can’t move due to a bulging disc, lower lumbar injury, cervical neck pain, or other injuries. Regardless of what type of pain you’re dealing with, the team at can offer a wide range of options, to help alleviate it. Disc replacement, disectomy, lumbar fusions, and other solutions are available, depending on the type of injury/pain patients are suffering from.

Patients will also be educated on the different types of conditions, which may be causing their pain. Spondylolisis, spinal stenosis, herniated discs, bulging discs, or other conditions, can lead to different levels of discomfort. Dr. Lanman will work with patients to find out what’s causing their pain, educate them in treatment plans, and come up with a comprehensive solution to treating their pain and discomfort.

When it comes to back pain and spinal injuries, no two cases are alike. For some, it is age related, while others are dealing with 20+ years of discomfort, due to an auto accident they were involved in when they were younger. Regardless of what condition or level of pain you’re suffering from, the team at can help devise the perfect treatment plan, to help get you back on your feet, and enjoying life to the fullest in no time.… Read the rest

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